Prof Rennie Naidoo – Associate Professor Informatics, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Industry 4.0: How to build South Africa’s capability at high velocity.The small opening in the strategic window for industry 4.0 will shut sooner than your organization’s normal decision cycle. How should South African executives make quick strategic moves in industry 4.0 under conditions where technological and competitive change is disruptive and market information is outdated or nonexistent? This calls for a new intensity, focus and willingness to experiment among many executive and top management teams but surprisingly this kind of risk taking and improvisation is not unusual for effective organizations. I will discuss why it is not only possible to make effective strategic moves in industry 4.0 under high risk conditions, buy why it is also crucial. This is the key to building South Africa’s Industry 4.0 capability.

ennie Naidoo is an associate professor at the School of IT, Department of Informatics, University of Pretoria. He has served a number of clients on several IT projects in both the public and private sectors over a 20-year period. Naidoo is also a NRF-rated researcher. His research interests are broadly about information systems and organisations, with a particular focus on IT value, IT human resources development and end-user issues. He has published articles in leading international outlets such as the Journal of Strategic Information Systems and the Information Society Journal. He lectures topics on IT value and enterprise.