Mr. Stefan Hoppe – OPC Foundation

OPC UA is omnipresent and is rightly called the key or enabler for Industrie 4.0, the Internet of Things as a platform for secure exchange of information The OPC Foundation, a non-profit organization, acts as “The United Nations of Automation” where market leaders meet on neutral ground. Industrie4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things IIoT needs for the “communication of things” and the goal of plug&produce the standardization of information. Semantic interoperability harmonized cross domain is the key. The presentation covers status of Industrie4.0a and OPC UA including the efforts of informationsmodels defined by VDMA for Factory Automation and other groups for Process Automation and Energy. Learn about who to connect devices and machines within 10min to SAP and Microsoft Azure based on internatioanl secured standards.

Stefan Hoppe is the OPC Foundation President since end 2018 coordinating the OPC expansion into the Internet of Things & Industrie4.0. Stefan has been the Global Vice President since 2014 and the President of the OPC Europe organization since 2010 being the catalyst for initiating liaisons with other industrial consortiums that has resulted in OPC working groups developing companion specifications for the organizations respective information models. Stefan Hoppe studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Dortmund, Germany. Since 1995 he has worked for BECKHOFF Automation, starting as a software developer later as a lead Product Manager with focus on PC based Automation, connectivity and embedded software products. You can reach Stefan under