Mr. Martin Sanne


Martin Sanne, Executive Director: CSIR materials science and manufacturing (MSM), joined the CSIR in January 2016 from an Industry background of IT, telecommunications, electrical engineering and energy industries where he has held various roles during his career.

Martin gained extensive experience working across Africa and across the world .  Martin brings 28 years of Engineering and Management experience to CSIR with particular experience and skills in Engineering/R&D Management, Project Management, Business Development, Sales and Sales Management, Product Management, Strategic Business Planning, and New Ventures which have included full profit and loss responsibility for multi billion rand budgets.

Synopsis of topic: Disruptive changes mean business-as-usual will not enable South Africa to reach its strategic ambitions of re-industrialisation. Disruptive emerging technologies are changing the face of manufacturing and present an opportunity for our industry to achieve exponential improvement. Innovation integration is necessary over the full range of TRLs and over all scientific and engineering disciplines.