Mr Kenneth McPherson


Kenneth McPherson, MD of Beckhoff Automation in South Africa, received his N.Dip(CumLaudé) Electrical Engineering (Power) in 1996 from PE Technikon and immediately afterwards fulfilled his bursary obligations to Siemens. He then worked for AEG Automation as a Project Technician. 1999 saw a move to Durban where he took on the position of Branch Manager for SA Power Services (Lenze SA agent). In 2003 he was appointed as Sales Engineer for the Beckhoff product range by Jendamark which stood him in good stead when he assisted in opening Beckhoff Automation in Johannesburg in 2006. Beckhoff Automation is a growing, formidable force in the SA automation industry under Kenneth’s unique leadership style.

Synopsis of topic:“Smart Communication Platforms” deals with intelligent Ethernet-based communication platforms to realise the essence of Industry 4.0 at an industrial automation control level. Ie. SMART manufacturing needs SMART bus technologies. This looks at intelligent communication buses as enablers for smart manufacturing in a digitalised world, with specific focus on how the bus performance influences these enablers.