Mr Gerhard Greeff

In the past few years, I have often been asked to assist in creating a 4IR, IOT or Digitalization strategy for clients. My answer has always been, and will continue to be….. What is the business problem to be solved or the outcome to be achieved? Technology is not an end in itself. It should exist to achieve some purpose. The purpose can be to solve a business problem, increase operations or supply-chain efficiency and effectiveness or merely to enable more accurate tracking (amongst others). There is any number of reasons or business cases out there and an equal amount of business questions to be answered. This presentation will introduce the MESA organization as thought-leader for manufacturing, the technology standards available to accelerate technology application in the plant and a high-level functional reference architecture for manufacturing facilities.

Gerhard holds qualifications in Chemical Engineering, Production Management and Quality Management and Control. He is the General Manager: IOT at Altron Bytes Systems Integration where he is in charge of a group of engineers implementing Operations management solutions in the areas of production, inventory, maintenance and quality for manufacturing companies. Gerhard is also a MESA Authorized Instructor and has been involved with MESA Africa for the past 12 years, 7 of which he served as Chairman. Gerhard is also a regular contributor to trade magazines and other publications with a focus on manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and IOT.