Mr Antonie Smith and Mr Tobie Olivier – Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment TUT

4IR in the Education Sector

Antonie Smith and Tobie Olivier both did their Undergrad Engineering studies at the University of Pretoria and are busy with post graduate studies at Tshwane University (TUT).  Mr Smith and Olivier are Software Design lecturers in the department of Electrical Engineering at TUT.  They are also spearheading a new Engineering Software Incubator initiative (ESI LAB) at the University.  The focus of the ESI Lab is to link education and technology.  Projects they are currently involved in is: Facial Detection and Recognition in a classroom environment to monitor occupancy and manage academic facilities more effectively;  First Year Web/Mobile Application to improve first year student experience; Attendance monitoring and feedback mobile application; TUT maintenance uber Application; and TUT Panic button.